George Riddick’s Accomplices and Known Aliases

Recently, a reader of this blog provided us with some very timely information. Apparently, our dear friend George Riddick of Imageline, masquerades under various guises from time to time.

Here are but a few of his (known) Accomplices and Aliases:

George Paine
Gary Gray
Leigh Gray
Dawn Larson
Annie Stark

Readers, we encourage you to please get in contact with us should you discover more to add to this list. With this information, we can hope to be better prepared to deal with any possible underhandedness.


  1. A very large and rapidly growing network of victims are organizing and sharing information. A large compilation of his threats and extortion tactics, which he tries to keep secret, are being assembled.

  2. The ULTIMATE hypocrisy!
    Here is a direct quote from George P Riddick III himself:
    “I'm aware that I, too, have potential liability even as an innocent user of this digital "stuff" I download online when the property is stolen.”

    You can see it here: