Copyright Protection Vs Legal Threats?

We have been advised of the following tactic that George Ridick of Imageline allegedly uses with his supposed "flagrant copyright violaters"

The owner of a small website offering "Freeware Graphics" for download contacted us recently. He recounted the story to us, of how George Riddick had sent him numerous legally threatening emails demanding that he provide Legal and Personal Contact Information so that he could commence legal action immediately.

And the charge laid against this website owner? Apparently, he put some images on his Freeware Graphics site that George Riddick alleges belong to him. The website owner countered that he found these images on the net completely innocently - and that most importantly, the images bore No Watermark or Discerning Feature To Advise Of The Ownership ... nothing!

Next, the website owner offered a solution to the problem: "please let me know exactly which images are yours, and I will remove them from my archive immediately". But alas, this apparently, was not good enough for our dear George. The wheels were already in motion. He would not respond to this request for information on the offending Graphics, that would have immediately resolved the situation. No ... his only reply was that of more legally threatening/harrassing emails again demanding personal and legal contact details so that he could commence legal action. He also offered (of course!) the oppportunity to "fairly settle this matter $$$ before it goes to the courts".

I will let the readers of this blog decide for themselves. You have the information presented before you.

Is this:

(a) someone mereley defending their copyrighted product via all legal means available?
(b) a form of intimidation, harrassment and even monetary extortion?

Let me know your thoughts.

P.S. This issue was also raised over on another forum. Follow this link here to read more.

All the Facts said...

A very large and rapidly growing network of Riddick victims are organizing and sharing information. A large compilation of his threats and extortion tactics, which he tries to keep secret, are being assembled.
We urge anyone that has received threatening emails from George P Riddick III to carefully document them and contact your local FBI office.
February 4, 2009 7:48 PM

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