George Riddick - your letter writing days are (hopefully) over

Dear George Riddick

Seems as though your days of extorting people with your nasty, vile, obnoxious, disgusting letters and emails are over.

You have finally been exposed on a wide scale. Hopefully this will stop you now?

Here is the link to the full story about Mr George Riddick:

And here is just a taste:

Overview of George P. Riddick III of ImageLine Inc.

Of all the Getty Clones, to date, there has been nothing more outrageous than what has been brought to my and Oscar Michelen's attention than the questionable practices and threats of George P. Riddick III of ImageLine Inc. based in Ashland, Virginia.

Mr. Riddick has single-handedly and outrageously trumped the actions of Getty Images, Masterfile, and Jupiter Images combined! The utter lack of professionalism and distorted views from Mr. Riddick was so disturbing that both Oscar and I felt we needed to report and assist in this situation.

Unlike Getty Images, MasterFile, and Jupiter Images, ImageLine appears to be primarily a one-man operation. In fact, in all correspondence that has been forwarded to us, Mr. Riddick routinely initiates, responds, and follows up on all email correspondence. He signs many of his communication as Chairman/CEO.

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